Other Brazilian visas and other information are available on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil.

Types of temporary visas most requested for activities at the University of São Paulo:

  • VITEM  type I (research, teaching or academic extension): VITEM type I (research, teaching or academic extension):
  • VITEM type IV (students): Intended for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • VISA «MERCOSUR»: The visa obtained through the Agreement on Residence for Nationals of the Mercosur Member States may be accepted for teaching and research activities at FMVZ-USP.
  • More information about other visas are available at Ministério da Justiça do Brasil (MJ) and Polícia Federal (PF).

  • All academic activities to be performed at FMVZ-USP require, as a prerequisite, documentation for temporary stay for students and foreign visitors / researchers;
  • For externship students who exchange only one month, obtaining VITEM IV is also mandatory; 
  • Visas must be requested at the consular offices of Brazil in the country of origin of the visitor, once you receive the letter of acceptance or letter of invitation sent by FMVZ-USP, by physical mail. The confirmation letter regarding the visit or mobility is one of the documents required to obtain the visa . 

All students, professors or international researchers must present the corresponding visa for the activities that will be carried out at FMVZ-USP. Visitors Visas (tourism) will not be accepted for stays longer than 90 days. Once in Brazil, the procedures must be performed in up to 90 days, or as stamped in the passport upon entry into Brazil.

  • 1st STEP (for VITEM I, IV and Mercosul): online regitration and rates payments

Once in Brazil, Temporary Visas must proceed with the validation of the visa obtained. The procedure is mandatory, and may be subject to daily fines if not performed. Stay tuned!

  1. Access the website of the Federal Police, in the item Requerer Registro/Renovação de Anistia;
    1.1. Fill out the registration form in “Item 1”, with all your personal information;
    1.2. In “Unidade da Polícia Federal”, select “SP” and in the sequence “DELEMIG/SP – SAO PAULO”, for the Federal Police of the city of São Paulo, or “DPF/AQA/SP – ARARAQUARA” the city of São Carlos, the closest to Pirassununga;
    1.3. After filling in, a registration number will be generated, with which it will be possible to schedule your attendance to the Federal Police, in “Item 2”, on the same website.
  2. Access the website of the Federal Police, in the item of Recolhimento da União – GRU;
    2.1. Fill in your personal data – Full name, Address in Brazil (it may be that of FMVZ / USP); neighborhood, city, country, email, mother’s name and father’s name;
    2.2. In the “Unidade Arrecadadora” field, select “SP (027-2) SUPERINTENDÊNCIA REGIONAL NO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO”, for the Federal Police of the city of São Paulo, or “SP (102-3) DELEGACIA DE POLÍCIA FEDERAL DE ARARAQUARA/SP”, for the Federal Police of the city of São Carlos, the closest to Pirassununga;
    2.3. In the field “Código da Receita STN” select “140120 – Registro Nacional Migratório”;
    2.4. After, click on “Gerar Guia” and print the payment slip. Ticket must be paid at a bank in Brazil. The value is: 140120 –  Registro Nacional Migratório – R$204,77
  1. Access to the website of the Federal Police, in the item Agendamento de Estrangeiro, only for one in the city of São Paulo;
    3.1. Insert the ” Código da Solicitação “, which was generated in the Form generated after the instructions in “Item 1”;
    3.2. Mark your trip to the Federal Police, according to the days and times available.

    In case of going to Federal Police of São Carlos, send an e-mail to CCInt-FMVZ informing the desired day of departure, so that we can schedule the time.

  • 2nd STAGE: Attendance to the Federal Police

After completing the online registration, the foreigner must attend the Federal Police Superintendence, on the day and at the scheduled time, with the following documents: CHECK-LIST


We reiterate Visitors Visas (tourism) can be changed once in Brazil to Students (VITEM IV) or Researcher (VITEM I) Visas.  Also, it is possible to get the Mercosur Visa, only for those coming from countries participating in the Agreement. For it,  the procedures aforementioned must be done including the presentation of the documents mentioned in the following lists:  CHECK-LIST (VITEM IV)/CHECK-LIST (VITEM I)/CHECK-LIST (MERCOSUL)


More information about other visas are available at Ministério da Justiça do Brasil (MJ) and Polícia Federal (PF).

  • The documents listed above constitute the standard list of documents required by the Federal Police, however, in some cases, extra documents may be requested, such as: letter of acceptance or USP invitation (can be used to obtain the visa), form entry / exit stamped by the Immigration Officer at the airport upon arrival in Brazil, or proof of residence, therefore, we can not guarantee what additional document will be required, if you already have these documents, take them with you to the interview, avoid having to go there more than once;
  • The requested documents and the amount of the fees may have sudden changes, so it is always important to be aware and consult the website of the Federal Police and the CCint of FMVZ-USP before scheduling.
Source: Polícia Federal and Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional (AUCANI).

All the information and procedures for extension of the Temporary Visas are available in the portal of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil (MJ) and Federal Police (PF). 

Requests for extension must be made no later than 30 days before the date of expiration of the visa. The student must attend the Federal Police Superintendency, with the documentation requested at the link above. For this modality it is not necessary to do an online registration to attend at Federal Police.



The item «proof of academic achievement and of the guarantee of enrollment, by declaration of education» consists of the documents listed below:

  • Undergraduate students: school history, duly signed and stamped by the Graduate Service of FMVZ / USP;
  • Postgraduate students: statement of achievement of the teacher-supervisor or the person in charge;
  • Undergraduate students on short mobility: statement of achievement of the teacher-supervisor or the person in charge.

After requesting the application, the applicant must accompany the publications of his/her application in the Diário Oficial da União.
Doubts or other accompaniments? Contact the Ministry of Justice through the e-mail:

Source: Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional (AUCANI); Federal Police.

  • Registro Nacional Migratório (RNM)

After delivered the documents and payment of the specified fee, will be provided by the Federal Police a number of Registro Nacional Migratório (RNM), valid as an identity document in Brazil, with which the foreigner may receive scholarships, open account banks, among others. It will be your identity in Brazil! After six (6) months, the Federal Police will deliver you the official card. Meanwhile, the protocol given at the first moment will be considered validity.

  • Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF)

With the Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF), the interested foreigner may, for example, open bank accounts. To obtain a cellular phone line only the presentation of the passport is enough. For it, you can get it at Brazilian Embassy/Consulado in your home country or, once in Brazil, you can verify the Receita Federal website. 

To reach the Federal Police in São Paulo, we suggest the following public transportation routes:

Option 1: Bus

1º) Walk until the Point of Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 3200;
2) Take the bus Line: 8705-10 (Shop. Continental), or 8019-10 – (Pq. Continental);
3º) Get off at Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 4284;
4º) Walk until the point of Av. Jaguaré, 54,
5º) Take the line 847J-10 (City Jaraguá);
6º) Get off at the Ponte do Piqueri (before crossing the bridge, ask the collector for help if you have questions);
7º) The building of the Federal Police will be on your right.

Option 2: Subway and Bus:

1º) Take the Circular Bus 2 – line 8022-10, at the bus stop in front of FMVZ / USP;
2º) Get off at Butantã Metro Station;
3º) At the Station, take the Subway direction «Luz» (Yellow Line);
4º) Get off at the «República» station and do the transfer;
5º) Take the subway direction «Palmeiras – Barra Funda» (Red Line);
6º) Get off at «Palmeiras – Barra Funda» Station and look for the Bus Terminal;
7º) Take the bus «Terminal Pirituba – line 8500-10»;
8º) Get off at the closest bus stop of the Federal Police, located at Av. Ermano Marchetti, between Belchior Carneiro and Ricardo Cavatton Streets. TIP: Ask the Collector for help;
9º) Walk along Rua Ricardo Cavatton until Rua Hugo D’Antola, 95.

Other options

Address: Rua Hugo d’Antola, 95 – Lapa de Baixo

Phone: (+55 11) 3538-5000