Program of studies of Veterinary Medicine course

  • Entrance examination (FUVEST)

Applicants should go through USP’s selection process, called “vestibular” (entrance examination), which takes place every year, usually in December and January. Tests are in giver in Portuguese and in Brazil. For more information, please go to FUVEST (Foundation for University Entrance Examinations).

  • Transference process

Transferring to FMVZ-USP from other higher education institutions is possible, provided that there are vacancies after regular enrollment and internal transfer processes (from one USP school to another) have been completed.

  • Undergraduate Students Agreement (PEC-G)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and the Ministry of Education (MEC) have developed the PEC-G with the purpose of offering a higher education formation opportunity to citizens from countries with which Brazil keeps educational and cultural agreements (specially from Africa, Asia,  Latin America, and the Caribbean). Application should be done at the Brazilian Diplomatic Missions or Consulate Posts in the student’s home country. If the applicant comes from a country outside the Portuguese-Speaking Countries Community, he/she will be requested a Portuguese language proficiency certificate called Celpe-Bras. For further information, please, contact the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy in your country, or acess MEC‘s website.


  • All foreign students should present the Student Temporary Visa (VITEM IV) or MERCOSUL Visa, no matter what exchange period or modality and the International Health Insurance, valid for the whole exchange period.


Source: Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional.