Check the options of studies offered by our School

  • Choose a program and check if there is an open call for selection process and follow the instructions in the announcements. If you have any question, contact the FMVZ’s Graduate Office;
  • International applicants should have proven in Portuguese Language proficiency through the Celpe-Bras (Portuguese Exam). Further information about procedures should be obtained through the Brazilian Consulate in the applicant’s home country or through Portal MEC;
  • The English language proficiency exam should be taken at FMVZ-USP. An application fee will be charged;
  • Documents required through the announcements should be originally stamped/signed by the Brazilian Consulate;
  • Passport Visa should have the Temporary Visa IV, with which the student will obtain his/her RNE (Foreign National Registration). Without this document enrollment will not be permitted.


No registration will be made without presentation of VITEM IV or VITEM XIII or RNE. It will not be accepted other type of visa or tourist visa. 

Co-orientation agreements may be signed for Master’s and Doctoral theses aiming at double-titling, since in compliance with the regimental provisions of the Postgraduate Pro-Rectorate, Postgraduate Committee and respective Program Coordinating Committee.

We encourage interested parties to access the Pro-Rector’s (PRPG) website or contact CCInt-FMVZ.

Graduate students enrolled in international institutions can conduct short duration mobility in the FMVZ/USP in the condition of a short-term student, obtaining credits or conducting researches valid for his/her master or phd program.

Applications deadlines: Continuous applications.

Initial Prerequisites:

  • Be a regularly-enrolled student in foreign high-superior education institutions;
  • A preexisting in-force agreement between the home institution and the FMVZ or USP.

Steps of the application:

1st) Select which Program and area/service you are interested in, as well as search about the professor that you would like it was your advisor;

2nd) Put yourself in contact with the chosen faculty of FMVZ/USP, informing about your interest, research plan and period of interest for the exchange. Once accepted by this faculty, he/she must submit the following documents for deliberation of the Program Coordinating Committee (CCP):

  • Recommendation letter from your supervisor of your home institution; 
  • Letter of acceptance of FMVZ/USP faculty justifying the acceptance;
  • Research plan indicating the area, FMVZ/USP faculty chosen and the period of the activities at USP;
  • Enrollment proof in your home university;
  • Schedule of activities to be performed at USP during the specified period.

3rd) After the deliberation and approval of the Program Coordinating Committee (CCP), the documents should be sent to the Graduate Committee (CPG) for consideration. Once approved by this, CCInt-FMVZ will contact the student for additional information and consular procedures;

4th) Fill this form out.


All foreign students should present the aforementioned documents and a Temporary Visa (if required) and the International Health Insurance, valid for the whole exchange period.