Veterinary students enrolled in international institutions can conduct a curricular externship in FMVZ-USP in the condition of a short-term student, obtaining credits or conducting researches valid for the curriculum of his/her home university at FMVZ’s Departments, labs and services.

  • Department of Internal Medicine (VCM) and Surgery (VCI): Applications for the 1st semester (January-June): up to 30 of September. Applications for the 2nd semester (July-December): up to  31 of March, until 12:00am. * If the deadline ends on weekends or holidays, the valid application date will be the last business day until 12h.
  • Other Departments: There is no deadline for applications in the other FMVZ’s Departments, but the applications must be sent 3 months ealier the start date.
  • Be a regularly-enrolled student in a foreign higher education institutions;
  • Request a curricular externship, recognized by home university. It will not be accepted not official requests;
  • Duration of a minimum of one month, and of a maximum of six months, renewable for more 3 months, if it is authorized by the home university;
  • A preexisting in force agreement between the home institution and the FMVZ or USP. Not having a valid agreement in force, this must be required with six months in advance;
  • In the beggining of the exchange program, the student is responsible for submit to the International Office (CCInt-FMVZ) the brazilian student temporary visa (VITEM IV) or MERCOSUL, an Health Insurance, Terms of Commitment, and a Evaluation Form, issued by home university.

1st step: Select which Department and area/service you are interested in;
2nd step: The office responsible for the International Relations at your home institution should email us with the following documents:

  • Letter of Application, containing the student full name, FMVZ’s department and area/service of interest and mobility period, in date format Start: DD/MM/YYYY and End: DD/MM/YYYY (except the Department of Surgery – VCI, which has its own application form) For the Departments of Surgery and Internal Medicine, periods should always start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month;
  • Complete Academic Transcript/School Records;
  • Student’s resumé/curriculum vitae; and
  • Enrollmente proof in your home university.

3rd step: After the Department’s deliberation and, once the mobility is accepted, the procedures and instructions will be emailed to you by CCInt-FMVZ.


The acceptance of the mobility of short duration does not imply in the co-supervision of our teachers on completion of course work, and the workload is determined by the responsible Department, which shall be fulfilled in their entirety (40 hours per week).

Source: Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional.