Veterinary students enrolled in international institutions can conduct a curricular externship in FMVZ-USP in the condition of a short-term student, obtaining credits or conducting researches valid for the curriculum of his/her home university at FMVZ’s Departments, labs and services.

  • Department of Internal Medicine (VCM) and Surgery (VCI): Applications for the 1st semester (January-June): up to 30 of September. Applications for the 2nd semester (July-December): up to  31 of March, until 12:00am. * If the deadline ends on weekends or holidays, the valid application date will be the last business day until 12h.
  • Other Departments: There is no deadline for applications in the other FMVZ’s Departments, but the applications must be sent 3 months ealier the start date.
  • Be a regularly-enrolled student in a foreign higher education institutions;
  • Request a curricular externship, recognized by home university. It will not be accepted not official requests;
  • Duration of a minimum of one month, and of a maximum of six months, renewable for more 3 months, if it is authorized by the home university;
  • A preexisting in force agreement between the home institution and the FMVZ or USP. Not having a valid agreement in force, this must be required with six months in advance;
  • In the beggining of the exchange program, the student is responsible for submit to the International Office (CCInt-FMVZ) the brazilian student temporary visa (VITEM IV) or MERCOSUL, an Health Insurance, Terms of Commitment, and a Evaluation Form, issued by home university.

1st step: Select which Department and area/service you are interested in;
2nd step: The office responsible for the International Relations at your home institution should email us with the following documents:

  • Letter of Application, containing the student full name, FMVZ’s department and area/service of interest and mobility period, in date format Start: DD/MM/YYYY and End: DD/MM/YYYY (except the Department of Surgery – VCI, which has its own application form);
  • Complete Academic Transcript/School Records;
  • Student’s resumé/curriculum vitae; and
  • Enrollmente proof in your home university.

3rd step: After the Department’s deliberation and, once the mobility is accepted, the procedures and instructions will be emailed to you by CCInt-FMVZ.


The acceptance of the mobility of short duration does not imply in the co-supervision of our teachers on completion of course work, and the workload is determined by the responsible Department, which shall be fulfilled in their entirety (40 hours per week).

Source: Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional.